Friday, June 18, 2010

Organic Eggs...Dipped in Bleach or Lye???

I read a horrifying (though not truly surprising) post on Homestead Revival today, regarding organic eggs.  Apparently, according to Dr. Mercola, "some states require that all eggs receive a chlorine bath and mineral oil coating before they are nestled into their cartons."

I'm sorry...WHAT?!

Why am I not surprised?  Oh, that's right, because our politicians are paid off by the "food" (and I use that term loosely) lobbyists, and cowed into submission by a bunch of germ freaks that think that feces-laden, pus-tainted, hormone-laced cooked milk is safer than natural, raw, organic milk from grass-fed homestead cows.  Yeah, it makes sense now.  

Oh, and mineral oil?  That's a petroleum product.  Yum.
The post says that egg companies are allowed to use the following to "clean" the eggs:

-Hydrogen Peroxide (wanna bet it's the drug-store, toxin-lace kind, not the food-grade kind?)
-Peracetic acid (peroxyacetic acid-- vinegar and hydrogen peroxide)
For those of you who don't know, eggs come with a protective layer that seals off the pores of the egg, keeping the contents inside clean, and keeping the egg fresh longer.  Remove that "bloom", and the egg can absorb stuff (um, like bleach and petroleum products?)  and will go bad sooner.

And another fun fact:  the USDA only requires that eggs are processed within 30 days of being laid.

As the article mentions, organic is still light-years better than conventional.  But if you weren't convinced to  or raise your own chickens before, maybe this will convince you.  And if you live in a city too barbaric to allow a few harmless, quiet chickens, then either it's time to move, or time to get active changing the laws. At the very least, find a local homesteader who really free-ranges their chickens, and feeds them organic.
You have a right to healthy food!
Be sure to read Homestead Revival's full post, for more information.


  1. OOOoo This is just so disturbing.

    I am just getting started in the organic/nature/getting rid of the chemicals.

    Thanks for the comments on my blog. Now following yours.

    God Bless.

  2. Yes I read that some post, and so agree we are poisned in every area any more, we really need to get back to basic living, and raising our own animals feeding them rich grain, and grass, and corn, good stuff..Hugs n enjoyed your blog my friend. Barbara

  3. Thank you for the comments!

    Yep, it's scary. That's why I don't watch tv, listen to or read the news much. It's too much sometimes, and it will drag you down. But when I come across something like this, I think it's important to spread the word. It's sad we even have to think this hard about what we eat, if we want to be healthy.