Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Raw on hCG

As part of a journey towards a healthier lifestyle, my main goal is to lose weight. At the moment, I weigh 248. Yup, I said it. It's really starting to affect my health.

I have done raw food in the past, and I highly recommend it. I believe eating high raw or all raw is the healthiest thing you can do. If God created a food, you should eat it. If man created it, or messed with it, you shouldn't. Seems like a good guideline, right?

I've lost weight on raw before, and really enjoyed it. I had a very healthy pregnancy with the least amount of weight gain, compared to my other pregnancies. I also used it while recovering from a MAJOR surgery, and noticed a huge difference...when I was raw, the pain was minimized, but when I "fell off the wagon", the pain greatly increased. You can also heal yourself of many ailments, as I have, with raw. Diabetes is one that's easy to correct with proper eating, even severe diabetes. People have also healed themselves of terminal cancer on it (veggies, lots of greens, wheatgrass juice, but no fruits or sweeteners...they feed the cancer).

I did a round of hCG between late January through March of this year. I lost a total of 37 pounds, 26 the first month and 11 the second month (I had some cheats the second month, really threw me off). Yep, you read that right, 26 pounds in one month. And that's with no exercise, and not following the diet exactly right (didn't drink enough water, didn't count my calories quite as closely toward the end of the month, etc.)

The hCG diet is amazing, and so easy. As easy as any diet can be, anyway. I'll go into more detail on another post. But the best thing about it is that I lost the weight in the right areas, something no other diet ever did for me. I went down two dress sizes in a month.

What happened? Well....ran out of hCG, had no money for more. Then, instead of following the directions to maintain my loss (eat no fake foods, no sweeteners except stevia, no starches), I was an idiot and ate starches. Then some sweets...then...you get the picture. So I went from 223 up to 248. Could be worse--I haven't gained it all back, despite my worse-than-usual eating up until this week.

So my husband (who is at his highest weight) and I are going on it this coming Monday. This time around, we plan to do a raw version of the diet. I read about one guy who did an all raw diet (not with hCG) who lost over two hundred pounds, most of it in six months, and his skin tightened up really well, because he was on green smoothies. Since I can't afford plastic surgery (and if I can by then, I have better things to spend it on), I'm going to do this as raw as possible, with the hope that I will be not only much healthier, but really tight and smooth, too!

I will do more posts about each diet in depth, and take you along on our journey with us. I may start a separate blog for it, we'll see how it goes. In the meantime, I'm starting by drinking a pitcher full of green smoothies every day. Green smoothies are amazing--that's another whole post, right there!

This is going to be so exciting! I was soooo happy with the results of the hCG diet last time, and got so many comments and compliments from people I know, telling me how happy and beautiful I was looking. As you can imagine, a woman over the 200 mark rarely, if ever, hears any compliments about her looks...and if she does, it's usually about her hair! So I'm looking forward to many years of compliments. I think I can handle that! :-)

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