Friday, June 18, 2010

The Homestead Blessings video Giveaway!!

This giveaway is a fun one!  If you've given up the tv, or at least given up the useless, morally-questionable, time-wasting programs, then you might sometimes find yourself wishing you had something practical and enjoyable to watch.  This video series might be the answer, particularly if you are into homesteading or old fashioned skills. 

FBS Books, which carries homeschooling curriculum and homesteading resources, is doing a giveaway with Keeper of the Home for their series of 5 Homestead Blessings Videos , which teach you about Herbs, Gardening,  Bread Making, Cooking, Quilting and Soap Making (and more).  There are trailers for the videos at the link above. 

I've actually seen these videos on sale before, and they have been on my list of "homesteading wants" for a while now.  It would be really fun to have them, and I think my children would really enjoy them too.  Check them out!

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