Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Old Post: A Raw Family

This is installment four of old posts I had made on my old blog, about three years ago. 

A Raw Family- originally posted June 3, 2007 

Wow, that last post was long! Sorry about that. So much to say, so little space.

I'm planning this week to phase my family into raw food. My husband is starting to read about it and show interest. So far the kids are enjoying their slow transition. I don't know if I'll go 100% with the kids, or not. I've read good things about kids on raw who have never gotten sick. If you know what you are doing, it is easy to make sure they get enough fat, calories and protein. I've found that it's a myth that you have to have meat to get enough protein. Pound for pound, nuts have way more protein than meat. Many veggies do too. Plus, cooked meat loses half it's protein, and what's left is denatured and harder to assimilate than plant proteins. I'm going to see how the kids do on high raw, and what my husband thinks about going 100% raw, before I consider having them go all-raw.

Right now I'm just doing research for recipes and ideas as I become more and more raw. I wanted to post a few links and other info I have found helpful.

I Beat Obesity - as mentioned before, great inspiration. She has a raw bootcamp, but she charges for it, and it's too expensive for me.
Raw Food Talk - also previously mentioned, it is Alissa Cohen's raw forum, and there are links to her other sites. I haven't read her book yet, but it comes highly recommended by many people
Raw Family - a whole family that went raw, and experienced weight loss and healing from several illnesses. Their book "12 Steps to Raw Foods" is a really good intro to raw and how to defeat your cooked food addictions. Their books "Raw Family" and "Green for Life" are also good, from what I've heard.
[UPDATE:  Green for Life is awesome, very informative, and if you start doing green smoothies it will change your life.]
Raw Times - click on the Recipes link at the top
The Sunny Kitchen
- a blog with really good recipes...this link goes straight to the All Things Chocolate post, which is great, but the whole blog is good
The Raw Table
- some interesting-sounding recipes
The Raw Food Gour
met- some of these sounded good, especially the carrot "cake"

Some of the recipes you read or see pictures of may sound unusual at first, but remember you are used to eating food cooked down to a sodden mess and then spiced like crazy to make it taste better (I now find cooked food very bland, after only two weeks). Many foods used in raw cooking may sound new and weird, but as your palate adjusts, you will find it easier to try and like new foods. In my next post, I'll tell you how I am making the transition to raw foods in an easy and tasty way. 

Update:  I plan to share more links of great raw sites, especially some YouTubers with good videos, in the next week or so.

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