Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Where Are the Gardening Posts?!

Don't worry, they're in the works! I've started some seedlings, bought a few starter plants, just in case it's too late in the season for tomatoes and peppers, and so far nothing has died. (Okay, one raspberry plant isn't looking so hot...I don't know what's up with that.) I need to get a little more organized, and then we'll see some pictures. I may do a video on how I'm starting my seedlings, if anyone's interested.

I also am setting up a mini-greenhouse, which would also be an interesting video.

I do have some bad news...the homestead isn't working out like we'd hoped. So we're stuck where we are for a while. It's nice and private here, on 10 acres, but we don't get to use most of it. We basically have less room than someone on the tiniest city lot. And the house ain't much bigger than the land area! I asked my landlady's permission to garden, but I didn't specify on how much...lol. We have six children to feed, so there's going to be a lot!

Since we may still end up finding a place, the garden has to be transportable. So we're doing 5 gallon buckets for some things, and square foot garden boxes with bottoms on them. I'll try to take some pictures and video of it while we build the boxes. It should be really helpful for renters and city dwellers.

Hopefully my garden and other "homestead" activities will inspire others, and show that you don't have to wait for that "dream" property in order to become prepared, self-sufficient, and healthy!


  1. I hope you are able to get that dream homestead soon!!!

  2. So glad you left a comment on my blog so I could visit your terrific blog! It looks like we have A LOT in common. We are first time gardeners this year. We've decided to do an all organic garden from heirloom seeds. We've made some mistakes along the way due to my impatience, but overall I think it is going well. Anyway, nice to meet you! I'm hitting the follow button :)

    God Bless,