Friday, June 18, 2010

Old Post #7: My Stats...and today's lunch

For those just joining us, this is the seventh in a series of old posts taken from two other blogs I had back in 2007, journaling the first time I went raw.  I was about six weeks away from the birth of my fifth child.

My Stats...and Today's Lunch - Originally posted June 21, 2007

My weight when I got pregnant was 260.
My weight when I started raw was 288.8 (yikes)...and I was only around 28 weeks along, too!
[Edit:  Um...yeah...and that wasn't even close to the most I'd ever gained in a pregnancy.]

Yesterday I hit a low of 275.8...yay!

That's 13 pounds lost since I started raw. I'm trying not to lose more weight, and to prepare myself for the possibility that I may gain a few. But the best thing is that I know now that I will NOT see 300 pounds on the scale, which I was terrified was a certainty, at the rate I had been gaining. I'm just amazed that at 33 weeks pregnant, I'm only 16 pounds above my start weight! My doctor is happy too, he is surprisingly supportive of my new way of eating, and pleased with all my test results and "numbers".

I do have my measurements from right around the time I got pregnant, but since I'm pregnant with a growing belly, I'm not worrying about my measurements right now.

My aches and pains are still better, but I've noticed that since I've been eating cooked food more often lately (up to 50% some days) that some are coming back. The stiffness and pain in my back, and worst of all the pain in my pubic bone area (a pregnancy thing) is coming back. Before I started raw, it had been so bad that any trip to the store required taking one of their motorized scooters through the store. Anyone who is overweight can tell you that is humiliating. Everyone thinks you're too lazy to walk or too fat to walk--you can tell the way some people look at you. I even had some jerk say that right out loud. One day on raw food, and I didn't need a scooter. So I will NOT go back to that!

Today I have been 100% raw so far. I had a banana for breakfast, and a smoothie for lunch. The smoothie was 1 banana, 1 mango, 1 small valencia orange, and 1 pear that was getting too soft to eat, plus 1/2 the water and flesh from a young coconut. I peeled and diced the fruit, put it on a plate in the freezer for an hour, then blended it with the coconut meat and water in a smoothie maker, with two tablespoons of raw hemp protein powder. The hemp powder did affect the taste and color a little...not badly, but I may start using the hemp only in green smoothies. Any smoothie with mango and fresh coconut in it is really good!

Update:  I never did get over 300 pounds with that pregnancy.  However...I did with my sixth baby.  Didn't stay raw during that pregnancy, although I was raw at the very end, and for a while afterwards.  That was an all-time low for me, seeing my weight that high.  And I did end up using a scooter again, for my sixth pregnancy, but at that point I'd been diagnosed with the aneurysm, and was having a lot of chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, and fatigue, so I really needed it.  Didn't make me feel any better about myself, though.  But I'm determined to get below 200 before I get pregnant again, and I feel soooo much better now that I've had my surgery.  So it's all good!

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