Sunday, August 7, 2011

"My Revelation": New Podcast Tonight on "Real Health Revolution"

Yes, it's been a long lonely time since I posted here or did a podcast on Real Health Revolution.  Worse--the last episode didn't record correctly, so I have to re-do it.  Oh yeah, and I didn't write down most of my notes for that episode.  *sigh*  So I have to re-record a three month old episode about "my revelation" and hope I remember all of the revelation. 

The good news is, I have a lot of information to share.  Some of it will be a little different from what I've shared before.  I also will be announcing possible plans to make changes to the show, including the possibility of leaving Blogtalkradio.  They severely limit my time there, their lowest priced premium level is $40 a month, which is a lot for someone like me who, last time I checked, isn't making any money at all off the show.  Plus, they did a bunch of funky things while I've been away, like setting me up to receive updates from a bunch of radio shows so that I had 250 reminder emails in my email box, and somehow deleting my intro music which I know have to scrounge up an old copy of from my old computer and re-upload. 

I'm considering options, such as using or just recording the podcast myself and editing and uploading it.  I'd love to have the ability to edit my podcasts, but I'm afraid it will never get done, and so never be uploaded. 

So tonight I'll be asking--no BEGGING--my 2000+ lurking listeners to pipe up and share some feedback, so I know how they feel about the changes I'm contemplating.

I hope you join me for my "revelation" and other fun stuff tonight!  Check out the blogtalkradio box in the sidebar to listen to old shows or subscribe to the podcast.

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