Monday, March 21, 2011

Attack of the Giant Pumpkin!

Eat the Yard has a post about his plan to grow an 800 pound pumpkin for his daughter this year.

He states:  "This Halloween she’ll be 17 months old, so logically she should have a pumpkin 200 times her weight that can only be moved by a forklift she can’t drive and that can only be carved with an ax she won’t be allowed to handle."
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Of course!  LOL 

But since he only owns a 1/5th of an acre residential home, I doubt he has a forklift to transport his freakish pumpkin gift.  And why leave such a glorious pumpkin in the backyard garden?  I commented that he should grow it where he wants it to be displayed, and as it gets a little big, he should build a level, solid wood platform that he thinks (hopes) will hold an 800+ pound pumpkin.  Then he should set it in the center.  That way it will grow a nice flat bottom and be ready to carve and display at Halloween, right where it sits.

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He could surround it with hay bales with normal size pumpkins and stuffed scarecrows, all with painted-on faces gazing up at the monstrous pumpkins with horror!  LOL that would be a sight.  That sends a message to grass-worshipping nosy neighbors:  "Screw your lawns--I grew my kid an 800 pound pumpkin!  YEAH!!!"

Try to out-do that!

But I'm left with just one question...

What do you do with an 800+ pound pumpkin once Halloween is over? 


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