Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Links for Food Storage

 On tonight's episode of Real Health Revolution, I talked about food storage.  Here are a few links to videos and websites that will give you a great introduction to the subject.

Wendy Dewitt's Food Storage Seminar - They don't get better than this.  There are 9 parts.  This is the link to the first part.  This is a must-see.

Getting Your Food Storage - One woman shows you her stash, and gives tips.

Everyday Food Storage - Another woman's food storage.  Her other videos show you how to cook with food storage.  Not always the healthiest recipes, in my opinion, but not bad, and she gives good information.

Mrs. Survival - The be-all, end-all, best place to get started learning about food storage and other survival/preparedness/self-sufficiency topics.  These ladies know their stuff.  They have a forum, a "Best of" section, and more.

Captain Dave's Survival Center - A more man-oriented site. This was one of the first sites I turned to, fourteen years ago when I started looking into food storage, preparedness, etc.  Very comprehensive.  Their food storage info is right to the point.  You can't ask for more information.


  1. Hi Philomena - it's Kritter from the survival mom webinar. I enjoyed reading/watching all that your above links had to offer. I watched ALL 9 of Wendy Dewitt's - really excited about doing some of the things she talked about. Looks like she has the same foodsaver that's at my goodwill. Looks like she doesn't use the bag part AT ALL. Wonder if I should get it just for the vac part??? I wouldn't mind keeping in touch on email so drop me a line sometime and let me know how you all are doing.

  2. hey there! thanks for the heads up on my blog categories. i've been messing with a few new plugins and it seems to have made some of my links wonky. i appreciate your letting me know!

    off to get that fixed... :)